Making waves.

Everyday, people in San Diego are doing incredible things. They are starting businesses, taking risks, and giving their time, talents and money to making big things happen. Sway is dedicated to these artists, educators, non-profit leaders, community leaders, and others who are doing interesting work.

Sway exists to tell their stories in a captivating and compelling way. Each individual featured on Sway is interviewed and photographed to highlight the work, personality, and passion they bring to our community.

Who we are

  • Sway San Diego is a bi-weekly online publication that features leaders, artists, and entrepreneurs in our community doing extraordinary things.
  • Sway San Diego has no political, religious, for-profit (or non-profit) affiliation. Sway is completely editorially independent.
  • Sway San Diego is supported by its readers and advertisers. We will never partner with any organization that is known to discriminate against any group.
  • Sway is for everyone. Race, color, religion, national origin or citizenship status, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, or military status have no bearing.
Photo by Alejandro Luengo

San Diego is a beautifully diverse city with leading organizations, from BioTech to Brewing, Aerospace to Hospitality. Sway exists to capture the stories from those who are leading and contributing to great and big things that make our city the amazing place that it is.

Every two weeks, Sway will feature a new person who does extraordinary things in their field- from the new restaurant owner that has invested everything they have to make it work, to a leader in the non-profit space who has dedicated their career making sure our community is healthier, stronger and safer.

How do we find people to feature?

We are constantly keeping our ear to the ground looking for people doing interesting things. We also will need your help to let us know who we should be talking to.

The guidelines are pretty simple; a person considered to be featured must be either a leader in their field, working on an important project, or someone who contributes something valuable to their city, country, and world.

A High bar? Yes, we know, but we are confident that San Diego is saturated with talented leaders who need to have their stories told.

Know someone who should be featured? Let us know by filling out the short form found here.

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