Sway exists to spotlight the people making waves in San Diego.

The back story

Sway spotlights artists, civic leaders, entrepreneurs, and activists who are making waves in San Diego culture and community. Our goal is that you will be inspired by these conversations as much as we are to take action. Whether you are native to San Diego or just moved here, this is our city. It’s a place filled with over a million dreams, and together we can make it a place where more dreams become realities. Every ripple, every splash, every wave counts.

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What is Sway?

Sway San Diego is a bi-weekly online publication that features leaders, artists, and entrepreneurs in our community who do extraordinary things

Who owns Sway San Diego?

Sway San Diego has no political, religious, for-profit (or non-profit) affiliation. Sway is completely editorially independent and owned solely by Patrick Fore and Jared White.

How is Sway funded?

Sway San Diego is supported by its readers and those we selectively choose to partner with for paid sponsorships.

Sway is for everyone.

Regardless of race, color, religion, national origin or citizenship status, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, or military status, we believe in the individual. Not labels.

Patrick Fore – Creative Director & Photographer

Patrick Fore is the lead photographer and creative director for Sway. He is a midwest native who has been a photographer for over 6 years. Patrick works with a variety of clients from recording artists to CEOs. In addition to the work he does with Sway San Diego and photography clients, he is the in-house photographer for Taylor Guitars. Patrick lives with his beautiful wife Jaimi and amazing daughter Lucy in San Diego. He loves to explore San Diego, always on the hunt for the best tacos and coffee, but you’ll often find him at home in his backyard with his family enjoying the amazing San Diego sunshine.

Jared White – Editorial Director

Jared White is the editorial director and lead interviewer at Sway. Jared and his wife, Amanda, are California natives who moved to San Diego several years ago to raise their children in the land of surf and sunshine. In addition to the work he does at Sway, Jared is the content strategist at Be You Media and the co-founder of Uncle Arnold's Durable Goods. During the weekends you might find Jared at Mesa Rim Climbing Gym with his kids or at a local brewery sharing a pint with friends.